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Cutter Aviation appoints Tara Creel-Cesena as FBO General Manager at Phoenix Deer Valley


PHOENIX, Arizona – Cutter Aviation is pleased to announce the promotion of Tara Creel-Cesena to FBO General Manager at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport. Tara came to Cutter Aviation in 2011 after working at Mesa Airlines for five years as a buyer of heavy maintenance. Ms. Creel-Cesena’s first role on the Cutter Aviation team was as a Customer Service Representative.

Being a quick learner and never one to stand still, Tara studied and learned the many operational aspects needed to run a successful FBO while working as a Customer Service Representative. Recognizing her leadership ability, Tara was promoted to Line Manager at Phoenix Deer Valley in the summer of 2014. Ms. Creel-Cesena’s knowledge and work ethic led to another promotion just 18 months later in December 2015 when Tara was promoted to Cutter’s Assistant General Manager at Phoenix Deer Valley.

Because of Tara’s continued performance, professionalism, and dedication she was promoted to the position of General Manager this March to lead the Cutter Aviation Deer Valley (DVT) team. Tara believes the happiness of employees should come first because they are the cornerstone of Cutter Aviation and happy employees provide superior customer service. 

Tara Creel-Cesena is a native to Phoenix, AZ. In her free time, Tara enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. 

You can reach Tara at: (623) 581-1444 or by email at You may also visit her online profile at

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