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Piper Aircraft and Hartzell Propeller Collaborate on New 5-Bladed Prop for Next Gen Performance


OSHKOSH, Wisc., July 20, 2015 – Piper Aircraft and Hartzell Propeller have announced collaboration on the certification of a five-bladed composite propeller for the Piper Meridian and M500 through a Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”). Achievement of the STC for both Piper products is anticipated by the end of fourth quarter this year.

“The Hartzell Propeller five-bladed prop was designed with the intention of enhancing flight performance,” said Drew McEwen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Piper Aircraft. “This composite prop will help increase climb rate and decrease noise, with the secondary benefit of elevating ramp aesthetics. It is a win, win, win for our products.”

“We are thrilled to work with Piper Aircraft on this next generation of enriched performance composite five-blade propellers for Piper’s top-of the line M-Class series,” said Hartzell Propeller Executive Vice President JJ Frigge. “The durability of the new Hartzell prop integrates exceptionally well with the Piper Meridian and M500 for all around better performance.”

The five-blade Hartzell prop will initially be available at a list price of $52,000, which includes a trade-in allowance through Hartzell Propeller’s Top Prop Program. However, Piper dealers and their authorized service centers will be offering special price consideration on the five-bladed prop for Meridian and M500 owners.

Optimal in design, the Hartzell five-bladed composite propeller has been identified for use on current production M500 products and will be offered as a factory installed option once certified. Meridian aircraft already in the field can take advantage of this advancement through the STC.

Piper Service Centers will be the first facilities to offer five-blade prop installation. Hartzell’s five-bladed propeller, with a unique monocoque structure and advanced composite materials, was determined the ideal component for the PA-46-TP line for its low weight, low inertia, and low maintenance lifecycle costs. It will be issued with a five-year, 1,500-hour warranty, including associated parts.

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