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Congratulations Mike Jackson on your new Piper Matrix!


Mr. Mike Jackson and his fiancé taking delivery of his new Matrix at the Piper Aircraft Factory this week. Mike met us through our attendance at The Permian Basin Oil Show in Odessa, TX last October. He recently owned a Cessna 182 that he used to complete his instrument training and is excited to move into the much more capable and comfortable Piper Matrix. Mike is a custom Builder in the Midland area and had been thinking about the next aircraft upgrade move to make when we showed up with a complete aircraft display at the show grounds. He and his fiancé enjoy travel and flying. Flying the Matrix to their vast list of vacation spots will enhance their lifestyle and enjoyment. Mike says he wants to build hours and upgrade to the M-350 or perhaps the M-500 in short order. Congratulate them when you see N807MJ on the ramp.


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