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Really 1st class all-around. Staff was very helpful. Let me use crew car. Will definitely use again.

Eli Mansour    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

We came to KPHX for the Labor Day weekend in our C182 and parked at Cutter. We were welcomed with cold-water offer the moment we opened the doors. We were helped with the luggage and gave a ride to the terminal building. Later, as the FBO was not very busy at the moment, we were given a free ride to our hotel in Scottsdale. A couple of days later, when started to taxi for departure, we have experienced the G1000 AHRS failure. Turned out Cutter is an authorized repair station for Garmin and indeed, the problems were fixed in a day. Overall it all made one of the best FBO experiences we had ever. I highly recommend using Cutter any time you are in Phoenix area. Warm thanks to David and Dwayne from Service and especially to Janessa!

Jerzy Orkiszewski    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

We visited KPHX in our Mooney for a short meeting at a nearby hotel. We parked at Cutter, the best FBO we have found in more than 43 years of flying to many locations across the country. A friendly member of the Cutter Professional Staff met us at our airplane and drove us to their modern facility where they arranged the loan of a crew car and offered us bottled water. We provided them with identification and were escorted to their parking lot and given the keys to a nearly new car. When we returned about 2 hours later we were only charged for the 7 gallons of fuel we purchased but not for the car or the parking. The entire staff was friendly, efficient and helpful. A better FBO does not exist!

Raymond Hicks    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Visited KPHX as I do 3 times a month in our Starships. Great service, great facilities. The KPHX crew always has everything ready for us and loves to have the Starships there...

We love Cutter at KPHX and will come back as much as we can.

Raj Narayanan    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

The entire staff from front desk to the line was attentive and helpful, to me as the pilot, but also for my passengers. Special thanks for Cassidy, Taylor and Len. This will be my permanent Phoenix base.

Christopher Frederick    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

I had never flown into Sky Harbor (usually going to Scottsdale). My conference was only 4 miles from Sky Harbor so I thought I'd take a chance on the "Big Airport" hassles and higher costs. Although the fuel is more expense than most Phoenix area airports, it's still less than Scottsdale. I used Cutter's courtesy shuttle to and from my hotel and saved on renting a car. Everyone at Cutter was fantastically nice and helpful. The controllers were also friendly and helpful. A final note. When I got home I realized I had been charged a $75/day ramp fee (with the first day waived). I called them today and they immediately recognized the mistake (I have a Mirage and they charged me the Meridian rate). They refunded the difference to my credit card. First class service all around. I'll certainly use Cutter the next time I'm in Phoenix.

Jim Pulju    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

I have had the pleasure of flying into every Cutter Aviation FBO and all have been a great experience. They are there planeside when we arrive with cars or whatever we need. We have maintenance done on our planes at PHX and ADS and both are top notch facilities!

Luke Gerard    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

After regularly flying into Cutter for at least the past 15 years, I figure I owe them a review. Cutter is about as good as it gets. Their overnight fees have been minimally increased over the years, but it's still only $25 per night for my twin. I consider that a bargain for a major Class B airport -- especially for the luxury facilities and phenomenal service. They give this exceptional service all hours of the day and night. From top to bottom, they are a class act.

Alan Horowitch    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Had such a nice experience the first time that I came back a week or so later. Rented a car at Cutter (Enterprise I think) and they were fantastic. The linemen drove the car right out to our airplane (Cessna 180), signed the paperwork there and we were on our way in minutes. Great customer service! Upon return we dropped off the keys at the front desk, paid for our $25 worth of 100LL (to avoid the ramp fee), and were on our way. Be advised there's a City of Phoenix landing fee that Cutter cannot waive. I can't recall the exact amount but it was 5 or 10 bucks tops. NOTE - if you're going to fly into PHX VFR you NEED to have the Terminal Chart. The controllers will send you to many of the points referenced on that chart - they're also in your Garmin GPS but you have to have the identifiers from the Terminal Chart to find them (you can pronounce the identifiers). Also pay attention to the transitions over PHX. You'll likely be asked to use one of them direct to a downwind/base.

Paul Brown    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

I flew into KPHX for a seminar. Cutter took great care of my Malibu and me. Getting in and out of the GA side of KPHX was very easy, and the staff was very polite and efficient. Nothing but good things to say. Thanks.

Chuck Ivester    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Great FBO. Excellent service and very nice facilities. No need to be intimidated by Sky Harbor. Very easy in and out. I'll be back again. Thanks a lot Cutter.

Barry Wulf    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Literally the best FBO ever! I have been a corporate pilot for 15 years, so I have been to many many FBOs. I've been coming to Cutter almost weekly for over a year now, and they are 100% consistently awesome. Some examples: Never once have they messed up a fuel order, pull time, transportation for passengers or myself. Once, a passenger knocked off a static wick, and without even asking or charging they just fixed it. My personal car was getting pretty dirty... So they washed it, free of charge. Seriously. Everyone from the CSRs, to the line guys, and the GM are truly amazing. They are the best and to top it all off, their fuel prices are some of the lowest I've ever seen. I really can't say enough nice things about this wonderful FBO!

Lindsey Moreland    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

This is the fifth time we have taken our C-182 to PHX and Cutter Aviation. We get fewer inbound delays when we come in on a flight plan than VFR un-announced, but the controllers are great and the folks at Cutter do a five star job. Hotel rates through Cutter keep us coming back.

Glenn Reynolds    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

I just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job your crew did today on both of our quick-turns! They were on top of It! Also, Jenna handled all my requests I had via email and she did a wonderful job! She made my job easy. I wish all FBO’s were as well run as yours!

Ricky Barrett    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Another positive Cutter experience. Parked overnight and the only charge for a light piston single aircraft was for the 14 gallons of fuel I purchased. They also gave me a ride to and from my motel. One of my passengers in the morning was suffering from breakfast food poisoning and the people behind the front counter gave him some sick sacks just in case.

Louis Glenn    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Excellent service by both the FBO and the Beechcraft service technicians as I had to have a starter drive assembly replaced while in PHX. Kevin Reedy and staff did a great job. Very happy with the quality of their work and the line staff overall. I will be back

Mark Dickens    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

AWESOME! I was in a little single engine piston, but these guys gave me service as though I was flying a BBJ. (I'm used to getting neglected at big airports, but not here). We sent one of our customers here (I work for AirShares) and he called me later to rave about the fantastic service he received as well. If you are looking for an incredible facility and incredible service, then go to Cutter. They are the BEST!

Justin Beitler    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Our company gets into PHX a few times per year and Cutter has ALWAYS been a great place to work with... from pre-planning to arrival and departure. Everyone was helpful, every chance that they could be. Victoria and Gail had the rental car set and waiting at the airplane, the ground crew helped unload the plane quickly & efficiently into the car (I think I should have ordered a larger one) while getting my corporate members safely inside the Cutter building. A day later...while prepping the plane for departure, one of the line crew politely reminded me that if I could take on just 50 gallons more... it meant another entry into the drawing for a few prizes. THAT is great salesmanship. He was ahead of me with every need. Once my passengers arrived they were politely taken care of while I finalized the last few details... all the way until I was marshaled out. We'll be back!! :-)

August Hohl    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Top Notch service!! From the desk ladies to the line service couldn't have been better.

Jason Thibodeaux    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Super Cutter service. Had intended to be at Cutter on Sunday evening Jun 26 for an RON. Got stuck enroute and Cutter took care of my hotel reservation cancellation like true Champs. Got into Cutter on the 27th and they were excellent, refueled and gone with cart service to and from the plane. Considering this is an Archer II I was impressed.

William Campbell    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   
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