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We are pleased that our customers go out of their way to share their visit experience to our Cutter locations. We are proud to share these testimonials with you.

We were AOG. Bruce got Ben Allen to us in a matter of hours. They worked through the weekend to get us back in the air.

Chad Salter    KSAT - San Antonio, TX   

We have a great relationship with Cutter and Andy always keeps us up to date on everything going on.

BJ Blanchard    KSAT - San Antonio, TX   

You guys got me in and out the same day after landing gear problem indication problem.

Joe Brininstool    KSAT - San Antonio, TX   

Troubleshooting an issue is not always easy or understood by some of todays aircraft mechanics. However, Scott at Cutter SAT was wonderful to work with. He brought his many years of experience to bear in our need for understanding of the systems needing attention. His professionalism and knowledge greatly aided in our ability to make progress with the issue at hand.

Tim Geil    KSAT - San Antonio, TX   

Annual Inspection was performed on time & delivered when promised. Work was excellent. No squawks!

Marvin Hammond    KSAT - San Antonio, TX   

Very efficient staff and knowledgeable service tech. They are excited about the TBM and it was evident.

Mike McKee    KSAT - San Antonio, TX   

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