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Raisbeck Engineering / Hartzell Quiet Turbofan Propellers

Available for these King Air models: 200/B200/B200GT, C90GT/C90GTi, C90 (all), 100, A100, A90, B90, E90 and F90, an EPIC element



  • Quiet, virtually vibration-free operation from takeoff to touchdown
  • Certified worldwide to the most stringent noise requirements (FAR Part 36 and ICAO)
  • Improved airplane performance in all flight phases
  • Trouble-free operation between overhauls (proved by millions of service hours)
  • TBO 4000 hours/6 years

Benefits of an EPIC

These Raisbeck/Hartzell Quiet Turbofan propellers should be installed as part of a complete Enhanced Performance Package to realize the full range of performance and productivity benefits on 200s, 100s, C90GT, C90s and E90s.

  • Increased climb and cruise performance
  • Improved takeoff and landing performance
  • Ability to take more passengers, cargo and fuel
  • Flexibility to safely operate into thousands more airports
  • Safer operations with true FAR 25 Balanced Field Lengths (200 Models only)
  • Greater dispatch reliability


  • Latest technology, computer-aided, four-bladed propeller and airfoil design
  • Lightweight aluminum hub and blades
  • Oversized hydraulic piston for absolute lock-in synchronizing and synchrophasing
  • Grease-lubricated to prevent leaks
  • Computer milled and machined for inherent balance
  • Benefits as part of Enhanced Performance Package

Autofeather requirements

  • B90 and E90 models: autofeather not required with Magicam option
  • 200/B200, C90, C90GT and F90 models: autofeather required

The smart alternative to steel hub replacement
You have a choice! Hartzell AD 96-18-14 mandates replacement of steel hubs for propellers originally installed by Beechcraft, along with any blade replacements and other worn components. By switching to modern Raisbeck/Hartzell Quiet Turbofan propellers, you can:

  • Eradicate the problems associated with outdated technology
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase the value of your aircraft, and
  • Improve comfort and performance

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