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Raisbeck Engineering Crown Wing Lockers for King Air

Available for King Air 300/350, 200/B200, C90GT, C90 (all), and E90 models


Raisbeck’s venerable Nacelle Wing Locker door has been redesigned with a centerline height increase of almost three inches. This larger door provides extra volume, enabling the lockers to accommodate oversize luggage and full-size golf bags, giving you more flexibility for storing luggage, cargo and miscellaneous articles outside the cabin. The sleek new appearance of the locker gave rise to the name ‘Crown’ Wing Lockers.

Crown Doors are also available for retrofit on previously installed Nacelle Wing Lockers.


  • Certified for 600 lbs (300 lbs per locker) in nearly 17 cubic feet of stowage space
  • Carry oversized luggage and full size golf bags
  • Fully certified for FAR Part 135 operations
  • Free up seats for additional passengers
  • Save in interior wear and tear
  • Medeco locks


  • Area-ruled to reduce drag and stall speeds
  • Lightweight, sturdy composite construction
  • Fully self-contained to ensure a clean, dry interior
  • Remove in minutes for airplane maintenance

King Air 90-Series Crown Lockers

The forward skirt on previous 90-series lockers stopped short of the ice light and the fuel inlet located at the top of the nacelle. Our new design incorporates the ice light and fuel inlet, and runs all the way forward to the firewall just like our wing lockers for the 200/B200 and 300/350 series.

The Crown Lockers are ready for installation on the E90, C90, C90GT, C90GTi and C90GTx.

King Air 200/B200/B200GT AND 300/350 Crown Lockers

Since the 200 and 300 series lockers already have the full skirt, Raisbeck Engineering designed the Crown Locker with an increase of almost three inches at the centerline height to provide more storage space for operators.

The Crown Lockers are ready for installation on 200/B200/B200GT and 300/350 King Airs.

Retro Crown Doors for previously installed Nacelle Wing Lockers

Since the introduction of the Crown Locker, a high degree of interest has been expressed for the Retro Crown Door, both from our dealers and individual aircraft owners. It has been specifically designed to be compatible for the Nacelle Wing Lockers that have been installed on the King Air 200 and 300 series over the last few years.

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