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TBM 700/850 Hartzell’s 5-Blade Propeller

Increase your aircraft performance

Hartzell’s 5 blade propeller new design, specifically engineered for the single-engine TBM turboprop, delivers faster takeoff acceleration, higher cruise speeds and better climb, along with less noise.


“The stronger structural composite construction of these advanced carbon fiber blades and their sophisticated aerodynamic design boosts the TBM’s already-impressive performance to a higher level,” said Hartzell President Joe Brown.

Hartzell-Propeller-Structural-Composite-5-blade-STC-for-Socata-TBM Higher Performance and a Quieter Cabin

With the new Hartzell propeller, the takeoff acceleration from zero to 90 knots is 10 percent faster than with any other available propeller. Hartzell’s new propeller also provides for a 100-feet-per-minute faster climb rate. Cruise is 2 knots faster than the current four-blade prop, and a full 5 knots faster than the five-blade wood-based propeller option. The new Hartzell five-blade prop is also significantly quieter in the cabin and in the pattern.

5-blade-angle Higher Tensile Strength

Hartzell’s resin-injected carbon fiber blades have a tensile strength over 5 times stronger than beech wood and over 10 times stronger than spruce wood.  The thinner airfoil, which is possible due to carbon fiber’s greater strength, makes the improved TBM performance possible.

The new five-blade design features state-of-the-art composite wedge retention into its stainless steel alloy shank rather than the aluminum and lag screw construction used by another manufacturer. Hartzell incorporates an innovative nickel erosion mesh and field-replaceable nickel-cobalt erosion shield to prevent foreign object damage.

Blade-side-viewHartzell offers the new prop with its industry-leading “Plus 3” warranty, which covers the propeller for a full three years or 1,000 hours, and a 3,600-hour/six-year TBO (Time Between Overhaul). The new propeller is available directly through Cutter Aviation.

Aluminum Propellers: Turboprop Engine Aircraft

Since delivering the first propeller to be installed on a turboprop aircraft in the 1960s, Hartzell Propeller has grown to be the prop of choice for turboprop applications. Offering propellers for all turboprop aircraft markets, with applications for Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, GE, And Rolls-Royce engines, Hartzell has a growing catalog of aluminum blade models to select for your mission. Hartzell’s turboprop propellers are available in 3, 4 or 5 blade configurations utilizing either aluminum or steel hubs.

With propellers certified up to 1,700 SHP at diameters up to 118″, Hartzell offers more options to the turboprop aircraft market than any other propeller manufacturer.

Composite Propellers: Turboprop Engine Aircraft

Hartzell’s composite technology has been proven in years of service in the demanding commuter-regional airline industry on the Beech 1900C and 1900D, CASA 212 and Dornier Do328.

With over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of structural composite propellers, Hartzell introduced the second generation Advance Structural Composite (ASC-II) blade in 2006.

The Hartzell ASC-II is an optimized design mated to a proprietary, Hartzell-developed manufacturing process. The result is an advanced structural composite propeller that delivers all of the advantages provided by Hartzell’s first generation of composite propellers – low weight, low inertia, and low life cycle costs – while minimizing the major disadvantage: the high-cost manufacturing process.

The Hartzell ASC-II consists of a unique monocoque structure of advanced composite materials. The structure consists of carbon fiber laminates integrated into a co-molded stainless steel shank. The leading edge outboard of the de-ice boot is protected with a co-molded electroformed nickel erosion shield.

The latest design to be added to the growing family of composite blades was recently certified on the Beechcraft King Air 250.

About Hartzell Propeller Inc.

Hartzell-Propeller-5-blade-TBM_2-Hartzell Propeller is the leader in advanced technology propeller design and manufacturing, with more than 4,000 propellers delivered annually to business, commercial and government customers. The company developed the next generation of propellers with innovative “blended airfoil” technology. It manufactures these blades using a combination of revolutionary machining centers and robotics. With its ASC-II™ composite technology, Hartzell provides mission-optimized performance for customers. Hartzell Propeller traces its beginnings in 1917 to a business relationship with Orville Wright and was founded on the principle of “Built on Honor” – a tradition that continues today.


Yesterday was the first time I had really been able to fly 2tx since picking it up.

Yes, I do believe the climb performance is better.  I would estimate an extra 100-200 fpm in the climb.

I noticed better acceleration on takeoff.  T/O roll is at least 10% shorter.  But I really noticed the ground roll on landing.  Probably close to 20% shorter and never touched the brakes.  Really great reverse thrust.

It is quieter in flight.  But you really notice it during the taxi.  Much quieter.

I’ll update you as I fly it more and under different conditions.  I think we’ll really see a big difference out in Ruidoso when it heats up.


Shad Phillips
Chief Pilot/ATP/CFII
Polasek Helicopter Services LLC

If you ever need a testimony for the 5 blade, please have them call. We love it! Performance is all that is claimed plus some.

 Mick Hammond
Abilene Equipment Center