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BLR Whisper Prop for King Air

A New Spin on King Air Performance

A masterpiece of innovation & artistry

Developed in conjunction with MT‐Propeller, the BLR Aerospace Whisper Prop incorporates advanced computer design to deliver an ultra‐lightweight result. When bundled with BLR Winglets, runway takeoff requirements are reduced by up to 33%3, dependent on conditions.

Whisper Prop is a carbon fiber propeller with a natural composite core that delivers unprecedented reductions in noise, vibration and weight. Smooth and quiet, the Whisper Prop is a five‐blade masterpiece of innovation and artistry.

BLR Whisper Prop - Cutter Aviation

MT‐Propeller* manufactures a carbon fiber propeller with natural composite core for superior noise and vibration damping. Known for exceptional engineering and craftsmanship, MT products, including the Whisper Prop system, are designed using advanced CAD/CAM machining and exhaustive analytical and flight test analysis to optimize propeller efficiency. Nearly 20,000 MT‐Propeller systems operate worldwide.

Whether installed individually or combined with BLR’s proven Winglet Systems, the Whisper Prop is available for most King Air 90, 200 or 350 aircraft. When purchased together, the Winglets and Whisper Prop include a Flight Manual Supplement certified and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, EASA, and ANAC.

High performance. Low noise.


Work and travel in comfort:

Up to 50%5 less noise with a meaningful reduction in vibration

Takeoff and land where you choose:

Up to 33%3 reduced runway length

Carry more of what you want:

Increase short field useful load by up to 1,500 pounds, certified

Choose a direct departure:

With up to a 50%4 increased climb gradient (sea level), your departure is cleared for the option

Get where you’re going sooner:

Operate from the closest short field — save precious time

Safe and confident:

  • Improved safety
  • Climb above the weather faster
  • Improved short field performance

4 Sea Level
5 Between 30–50% reduction in measured dB, compared to factory 90GTx propeller, dependent on frequency