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The world's first and only Super Versatile Jet


Every crystal found in the mountains of Switzerland is entirely unique. Just as unique is the PC-24, the only aircraft combining the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet, and the performance of a light jet.

It’s a plane that simply doesn’t fit into any of the existing business jet categories. That’s why we had to create a new one: the Super Versatile Jet category.

Impressive on paper - remarkable in the air


  • Operate with a balanced field length as short as 2,810 feet (856 m)
  • Take off and land on paved and unpaved runways
  • Stretch out in the spacious cabin with a continuous flat floor
  • Create exactly the right amount of space with multiple quick-change interior configurations
  • Load quickly and easily with a standard pallet-sized cargo door
  • Keep everything close by in the in-cabin baggage compartment Enjoy superior versatility

The PC-24 has been engineered to be “off-road” compatible from the beginning. Its outstanding short-field performance – even on unpaved runways – opens up an incredible level of mobility.

Pilatus PC-24 Photo Gallery

Why own a PC-24? Ten Reasons

1. More Airports

No other business jet can operate from paved and even unpaved surfaces as short as 2,810 feet (856 m) – this gives you access to more than 20,000 airports worldwide.

2. Cabin Space

No other business jet offers this much cabin space with an entirely flat floor at this price level in its category. The interior configuration can quickly be adapted to your needs.

3. Advanced Cockpit

No other business jet features a more capable standard cockpit environment at this price level.

4. Cargo Door

No other business jet includes as standard a generous cargo door that makes loading quick and easy.

5. Baggage Compartment

No other business jet in this class features a comparable all-internal, pressurized and in-flight-accessible baggage compartment.

6. Improved Safety

No other business jet at this price level offers such a combination of high-tech and simplicity that helps improve situational awareness and safety.

7. Quiet Power Mode

No other business jet has the possibility to cool or heat the aircraft on the ground under its own power with the revolutionary Quiet Power Mode.

8. Operational Flexibility

No other business jet is a Super Versatile Jet giving you the most operational flexibility possible.

9. Crystal Class Support

No other business jet offers Crystal Class Support – business aviation’s most comprehensive warranty and service package, provided by a global network ranked number 1 in the industry for 16 consecutive years.

10. Swiss Quality

No other business jet is made in Switzerland by a manufacturer with an unmatched reputation for precision such as ours – we’re proud to be called over-engineered.