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Cutter Aviation Denver Adds a Mobile Service Unit to Assist Pilatus AOG


Phoenix, AZ — Cutter Aviation is proud to announce the addition of a Mobile Service Unit to assist Pilatus Aircraft on the Ground in the vicinity of our Cutter Aviation Authorized Pilatus Sales & Service Center in Denver, Colorado at Centennial Airport.

“We know aircraft malfunctions don’t always happen at the most convenient locations such as your base airport or near your service center. Based on Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 versatility, we as service centers must be prepared and equipped to help our clients at any remote location their mission has taken them to,” said Will Cutter, President and CEO of Cutter Aviation. “Our new Mobile Response Unit allows us to accomplish this and bring our experienced technicians along with all the tooling and equipment necessary to our client’s location.” Will Cutter added.

Our FAA Certificated Repair Station at Cutter Aviation Denver has the experience and ability to service Pilatus Aircraft. In addition, our Pilatus OEM-trained aircraft maintenance technicians and team also provide comprehensive avionics and instrument overhaul and repair services. We are also an authorized service center for Honeywell, Garmin, Collins Aerospace and Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc.

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