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Cutter Aviation Completes APMG Performance Package on HA-420


PHOENIX, Arizona

Cutter Aviation is pleased to announce the completion of the Advanced Performance Modification Group package (APMG) on a HondaJet HA-420 classic at the Cutter Aviation Phoenix Sky Harbor Authorized Service Center.

A few of the APMG package modifications include the extension of the horizontal stabilizer, removal of vortex generators on the tail and winglets, elimination of the mid-aileron fence as well as many Garmin G3000 avionics software updates that enhance safety and situational awareness.

The APMG package provides the aircraft with a takeoff field length reduction of 443 feet to 3,491 ft, forward baggage capacity increased by 100 lbs. to 200 total, an increased maximum takeoff weight of 10,700 lbs. and a 100-mile range improvement resulting in more mission capabilities.

 “I was impressed with the APMG HondaJet performance numbers when I was first sent example charts for Takeoff, Landing and Weight and Balance. I ran a few scenarios that we fly on a frequent basis. The APMG package gives the HondaJet even more flexibility with payloads and typically allows us to utilize shorter runways for a given mission. That can also translate to allowing us to operate at hotter temperatures and overall higher density altitudes than we could before. I had the opportunity to fly the HondaJet after the modification was complete. Aircraft control feel is improved slightly with added elevator authority while keeping all control pressures nicely balanced. I noticed a reduction in the amount of control pressure needed for takeoff rotation. This is a practical performance enhancement package that makes the aircraft even more flexible, efficient and ultimately more useful.” said Taylor Butterfield, Cutter Aviation’s experienced HondaJet pilot.



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