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Cutter Aviation Albuquerque Announces the Launch of its “Cutter Co-Pilot” Program


Albuquerque, New Mexico. – Cutter Aviation Albuquerque crew members are pleased to announce the launch of their “Cutter Co-Pilot” program. With the support of a local silent donor, Cutter Aviation has teamed up with air ambulance crews and Angel Flight to provide pediatric patients with a very special “Co-Pilot” to travel with them on their journey. The staff has carefully selected stuffed animals that meet the specific criteria for pediatric gifts.

IMG_0806“We see these little ones come in during a very scary time in their world. Often, their parents have not had time to grab even basic supplies to bring with them. We wanted to give them a traveling companion to hold on to and something that signifies that there is a whole team at Cutter who is cheering for them to feel better!” says Jessi Rowden, General Manager for Cutter ABQ .

Each stuffed toy has been inspected, tags removed, and lovingly prepared before being individually placed in bags containing a card listing the “Co-Pilot’s” name and a message from the Cutter Albuquerque crew.

“Our hope is that we can help make their day just a little bit better.” Says Rowden, “It’s the little things that mean a lot and we are happy to do what we can to give back.”

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