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Piper Aircraft Collaborates with Garmin® on "Piper Pilot" Application


OSHKOSH, WI. – July 20, 2015 – Piper Aircraft has announced the collaboration with Garmin on the development of “Piper Pilot”, the Piper-specific avionics app based on Garmin Pilot™ for iPad and iPhone.

The first phase of Piper Pilot allows aviators to file their flight plans and receive full en route navigation on an interactive map. The “ideal cockpit companion”, Piper Pilot offers 3D Vision, aviation weather, flight plan filing, advanced traffic and weather, and pilot logbook. Piper Pilot is integrated into the cockpit. Connected with the certified avionics, Piper Pilot operates with a user logic that is already familiar to Garmin users, working in accompaniment with the Garmin avionics suite. Over time the product will continue to evolve and include additional features to better support Piper owners.

“Piper Pilot is truly intuitive,” said Drew McEwen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Piper Aircraft. “The Piper-specific features make it inherently easier to use for our customers, with features specific to the PA-46 family of products.”

Future enhancements to Piper Pilot will include the incorporation of Piper-specific features designed to simplify the pre-flight planning experience with seamless integration to in-flight activities. Piper Pilot is comprehensive in approach by offering aviators worldwide weather data, including METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, winds aloft, and real-time lightning information. It provides ATC preferred routes in the United States to ensure the safest possible route of travel, in addition to animated radar, infrared and visible satellite imagery in the United States, Western Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Phase I of Piper Pilot will be complete in September of this year and is due to debut thereafter. A 2-year subscription will be provided to the purchasers of any new M-class product.

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