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TCFG Annual Fly-In and Convention


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado. – Cutter Aviation is pleased to be hosting the Twin Commander Flight Group September 18th to 20th, 2014. This annual fly-in is presented by The Twin Commander Flight Group and is open to all Twin Commander Owners, pilots and enthusiasts. Preregistration is required and can be found at
Cutter Aviation can help you with your rental car needs. To reserve call Cutter Aviation at 719-591-2065 and be sure to give your estimated time of arrival so the car will be ready when you arrive.

Online the TCFG group offers information on the various models and their history, individuals sharing their story on why they love and fly Twin Commanders, as well as practical information on parts, STCs, maintenance and many other resources. The exclusive member area features a theme specific forum where many ideas and needs are aired for the whole community.

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