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Cutter Aviation Hosts Colorado Springs MMOPA Convention Sept 19-22


Cutter Aviation is proud to host the 2012 Malibu & Meridian Owners and Pilots Association (MMOPA) Fly-In Convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado from September 19 through 22, 2012 at the City of Colorado Springs Airport (COS).  Cutter Aviation of Colorado Springs is the official host FBO of the event and will be handling all arrivals, parking, fueling, service, and departures for the entire event.  Over 80 aircraft are expected for the event and will represent the entire spectrum of the Piper PA-46 model family including the Piper Malibu, Piper Mirage, Piper Matrix, Piper Meridian, and the Piper Malibu Jetprop conversion.

Map of 2012 MMOPA Fly-In Convention Aircraft Parking at Colorado Springs Airport (COS) for September 19-22, 2012 - Cutter Aviation
Aircraft Parking Map for 2012 MMOPA Fly-In Convention – Colorado Springs, CO – Click to enlarge

The Broadmoor Hotel, the most iconic and prestigious hotel in the Rocky Mountains, is the setting for the annual MMOPA Convention in 2012 and affords all PA-46 owners to get together and share their passion for the popular six-place, high-performance piston and turboprop aircraft in a relaxed setting around a number of activities, events, and educational sessions.  Such sessions include topics in ongoing maintenance, flight operations, training, avionics upgrades and operation, modifications and STCs available, and last but certainly not least, safety.

As the official FBO of the MMOPA Convention, Cutter Aviation of Colorado Springs is handling all on-site aircraft operations for MMOPA attendees.  All attending aircraft will have landing fees waived for their stay and overnight parking and tie-down fees have been waived with a fuel purchase from Cutter Aviation.  Cutter Aviation has also extended a $0.25 per gallon discount on fuel purchases throughout the event.  Though Cutter Aviation is handling the event, aircraft parking for the event will not be at the Cutter Aviation FBO, but will instead be on the larger ramp in front of the former Terminal Building near taxiway A3. Upon landing, notify ground control that you are arriving for MMOPA and they will direct you to the Cutter Aviation parking area for MMOPA.  For arrival reservations and additional information, please call Cutter Aviation of Colorado Springs at 719-591-2065 (FBO open 6:00am to 10:00pm daily) or visit The Cutter Aviation COS company radio frequency is 131.0 for use prior to arrival and to call for fuel while on the ground.

Garmin G950 for Piper Meridian - Glass Panel Retrofit STC Package by Garmin and Cutter AviationCutter Aviation is also proud to be featuring the brand-new Garmin G950 Retrofit Panel Upgrade STC for the Piper Meridian for its first public display at the MMOPA Convention. The Garmin G950 is a total glass panel transformation for older model (2001 to 2009) Meridians currently equipped with the Meggitt Magic or Avidyne EFIS system and is available as a two-display or three-display upgrade.  Using the most updated technology from Garmin that matches and even exceeds that of the OEM Garmin G1000 flight decks installed in new Meridians, the Garmin G950 is the only fully integrated glass panel EFIS upgrade available on the market* for all pre-2009 Piper Meridian aircraft.  The G950 promises to not only vastly increase situational awareness while reducing in-cockpit workload, but also gives the Meridian full avionics compatibility to meet the requirements of NextGen airspace navigation including ADS-B and WAAS/LPV navigation.  And since the retrofit completely replaces all of the Meggitt and Avidyne equipment with current Garmin products, the G950 will also greatly extend the lifespan of the aircraft and eliminate the potential for costly repairs or replacement of the out-of-production Meggitt or Avidyne equipment as originally installed.  The result is a Piper Meridian with a fully upgraded and modern flight deck that is better than OEM Garmin G1000 flight decks and a greatly enhanced long-term market value for your pre-owned Meridian.

Garmin G950 Glass Panel Retrofit STC Package for the Piper Meridian by Cutter Aviation
Click to see larger images of the Garmin G950 Panel

Cutter Aviation will have our demonstrator aircraft, N950G, a 2001 Piper Meridian, on display at the MMOPA event ramp for arrival & departure day and will have it on display at the Cutter Aviation FBO from September 19-21.  During the event, the demonstrator featuring the full three-display Garmin G950 installation will be available for demonstration and viewing.  Cutter Aviation will also have a display with G950 information available at the trade show exhibits at The Broadmoor as well. 

For more information on the Garmin G950 upgrade for the Piper Meridian, please visit

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