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$0.70 discount on 100LL on the weekends. Great service as always. Hangar available for my Mooney for $25/night when storms were in the area and pulled out and ready to go when my flight plan was filed the next day. Thanks guys!

Brian Bobb    Dallas, TX   

Add one more to the many great reviews on Cutter Deer Valley. I flew in there yesterday (8/15). There is a heat wave in Phoenix right now so it was about 100 when I landed at 10AM. The follow me car was ready as was my rental, which was brought up right by the plane with the a/c running. The ground crew got us squared away and helped us put the cover on the plane. Of course they also had cold water. Elapsed time from shut down to driving off the tarmac was about 9 minutes. I had originally tried to book my car through Hertz. Don't even bother, they tried to charge me through Monday even through I was only trying to stay through Sunday. I eventually did what I should have done and just called Cutter directly. Took about 1 minute to make the car reservation over the phone. They fill out most of the paperwork for you on the rental, so minimal hassle/delay. Departure experience today was exactly the same. DVT and Cutter are my new go to operations in Phoenix!

James Kenney    KDVT - Deer Valley, AZ   

Top notch customer service once again. Just put them in for FBO of the Week at another publication. Wish I could put them in for FBO of the Year.

Ryan Barker    KCOS - Colorado Springs, CO   

I have had the pleasure of flying into every Cutter Aviation FBO and all have been a great experience. They are there planeside when we arrive with cars or whatever we need. We have maintenance done on our planes at PHX and ADS and both are top notch facilities!

Luke Gerard    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

Flying Cessna 182 and treated great. Hanger at a good cost to keep plane out of Texas storms. Great people helpful and pleasant. Rental car ready to go when we arrived.

Gerald Holt    Dallas, TX   

I will absolutely use this FBO again. Ledle at the front desk was kind and patient as I struggled with cell phone reception issues. Plane was ready despite me showing slightly earlier than expected. Line crew assisted with an unexpected jump-start when I left the master switch on.

Adam Smith    KCOS - Colorado Springs, CO   

I was just a "transit" CFII working for Accelerated Flight and Instrument Training (www.AFIT.com) with a local pilot for a 10 day IFR course. I flew in with my Maule from SGU since it was a 2 hour flight or a 6 hour drive. So "corporate client" I wasn't, but it did not matter. Bought some fuel and the ramp fee was waived - FOR 10 DAYS!

Well, thanks - just a working guy who totally enjoyed the no hassle professionalism afforded me and my client.

Today, I received a thank-you card. How nice. A BIG CHANGE from my local FBO at SGU who threw me out of his building because I wasn't a staff instructor. EXCUSE me, that's how it works out there - planes/pilots/students/instructors travel to different venues.

So no improvement required! I'll be back to CUTTER next time my business brings me to DVT.

John Templeton - CFII    KDVT - Phoenix Deer Valley, AZ   

So my wife and I were flying home from Goldthwaite Tx and were diverted around an active Restricted Air Space by ATC which was going to make my next fuel stop different than what I had filed for. So as we were zipping along just north of KELP, my lovely bride of 35 yrs tells me she needs to use the little girls room. That's wife talk for "Land this plane NOW at all cost." I really didn't want to pay the FBO's fuel prices at KELP but I have to tell you that we chose Cutter and the gal Dianna who was managing the counter was the most professional and courteous FBO office person we have had the pleasure of dealing with in a long time. our experience with Cutter made the extra cost for fuel worth it. You really do get what you pay for. Thanks Cutter and thank you Dianna for the service. Oh, and a shout out to the line guys.

Rob & Sandee Harnage    KELP - El Paso, TX   

Our company gets into PHX a few times per year and Cutter has ALWAYS been a great place to work with... from pre-planning to arrival and departure. Everyone was helpful, every chance that they could be. Victoria and Gail had the rental car set and waiting at the airplane, the ground crew helped unload the plane quickly & efficiently into the car (I think I should have ordered a larger one) while getting my corporate members safely inside the Cutter building. A day later...while prepping the plane for departure, one of the line crew politely reminded me that if I could take on just 50 gallons more... it meant another entry into the drawing for a few prizes. THAT is great salesmanship. He was ahead of me with every need. Once my passengers arrived they were politely taken care of while I finalized the last few details... all the way until I was marshaled out. We'll be back!! :-)

August Hohl    KPHX - Phoenix, AZ   

We visited over Memorial weekend. Great service and friendly staff. Rental car was ready when we landed. They provided brownies and cardboard planes to my kids. We will definitely return to Cutter. Nice Job!

Sean Halligan    KCOS - Colorado Springs, CO   
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