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Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus PC-12 – The World’s Greatest Single

The World’s Greatest Single Engine Aircraft

The Pilatus PC-12 NG is all about performance, versatility and economy.  When you look at the numbers, you see it provides maximum return for every dollar invested.  It represents a great combination of capacity, amenity, speed, range and performance – made all the more compelling by the modest acquisition and operating costs.

Outstanding Range

With a maximum range of 1,845 nautical miles, you can fly from further without stopping to refuel.

Complete Comfort Throughout Your Journey

A fully enclosed private lavatory with chemical flushing toilet, two forward refreshment cabinets, LED cabin illumination, a flat floor, and an entertainment system with six headphones and jacks.

On-demand configurable cabin

Seats can easily be reconfigured on-demand to convert from a 6 seat executive floor plan to a 9 seat commuter or medevac configurations. Additionally seats can be partially or completely removed to transport large cargo.

Fly Above the Weather

Pressurized cabin allows you to fly comfortably to 30,000 feet, giving greater versatility to fly above inclement weather. Additionally, the aircraft has complete icing protection for flight into known icing conditions.

Short Runways

The PC-12 NG can utilize runways as short as 2,600 feet (792 m) at its maximum weight. Fly closer to your
ultimate destination and save overall travel time.

Takeoff & Land Wherever You Want

High lift wings perform for exceptional short field performance. Soft-field/low pressure tires land softly on grass or prepared unpaved runways.
Able to operate from runways made of dirt, gravel, and grass, the PC-12 NG can take you places you’ve never been in a business aircraft. Go ahead and explore. You might be surprised to see another PC-12 at your favorite backcountry get-away.

Oversized cargo door

Safely transport up to 500 lbs of luggage or cargo. Aft cargo door measures 4 ft 4 in high by 4 ft 5 in wide. Designed to allow a fork-lift to load a standard pallet directly into the cabin, it can surely fit your luggage, your motorcycle, and your surf board. Cargo door features smooth hydraulic open operation and easy push button electronic closing.

Cabin Space

With 330 ft3 (9.34 m³) of cabin volume, you will enjoy more space than business jets costing twice as much. A flat-floor gives your passengers more comfort and gives you the ability to easily load just about any cargo you can fit.


In production for more than 20 years, Pilatus created the category of the large single engine turboprop business aircraft with the PC-12. While traditional business aircraft manufacturers said it would never fly, today it leads the entire market in sales and enjoys a safety record on a par with professionally-crewed twin engine business jets.


PC-12s are in use around the world with owner-pilots, corporations, charter and fractional companies, air ambulances, special missions, cargo and law enforcement agencies. This extreme versatility gives owners confidence that their investment in a PC-12 NG is a sound decision.


Maybe it’s our Swiss DNA, but we are not wasteful, and neither is our aircraft. The whole concept behind the single engine turboprop PC-12 NG is to travel farther, faster, in more comfort, on less fuel.

Resale Value

PC-12 owners and their accountants enjoy one of the highest resale value retention rates in all of business aviation. Historically, 5-year old PC-12s have retained 85% of their original retail price when sold or traded-in – often for another PC-12.

Crafted in Switzerland

Pilatus is the only Swiss aircraft manufacturer. Since 1939, every Pilatus aircraft has been designed and manufactured with legendary Swiss quality. We’re proud to be called over-engineered.


At Pilatus, we design and support our aircraft with the goal of keeping you flying. Our business model is not built on profiting from our customer’s down time. For 15 consecutive years, our service has been rated #1 in the business turboprop market.

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