Be the Coolest plane on the block… Literally!

  • More than 4 times the airflow
  • 4 times the cooling capacity
  • Supplemental Aft Heat
  • Automatic Dual Zone controllers
  • Outstanding performance and reliability

Cutter Aviation is proud to offer the next remarkable feature to the Meridian MaXus line of upgrades. The MaXus Air Climate Control System is now available for the PA46-500TP. The system is a complete redesign for optimum performance, reliability, and comfort.

Larger Air Vents

Providing more than 4 times the air flow and efficiency of the original system for comfort while on the ramp, during taxi or in flight. BTUs increase from stock of 3,500 to 16,500.

AFT Cabin Environmental Control
Independent temperature control for passengers along with independent fan speed adjustment.

Auxiliary Cabin Heaters
Supplemental heating in the AFT cabin contributing to the existent environmental system providing climate comfort in all weather.

Modified Empennage Panel
New inlets installed to maximize the efficiency and airflow to condenser assembly increasing its performance.
Comparison Table OEM MaXus Air
Climate Control System Installed
Dual Zone Cabin and Cockpit Cooling  
Dual Zone Cabin and Cockpit Heating  
Independent Forward and Aft Fan Speed Controls  
Cabin Auxiliary Heat (To keep cabin and cockpit equally comfortable)  
Additional Exterior Inlet and Outlet for proper Condenser Airflow and Heat Exchange  
All New Modern Style Hoses and Fittings  
ECU has complete diagnostics  
Forward Vents enlarged for maximum airflow to the cockpit  
Forward and aft solid-state programmable environmental
control units with full auto temperature settings
Dedicated Cockpit Evaporator located near Cockpit for
maximum cooling
Dedicated Cabin Evaporator located in cabin for maximum cooling  
All New Vapor Cycle Components, Dryer Receiver, Trinary Switch  
On-demand condenser operation with soft start technology  
New High Efficiency Condenser with Brushless Motor Fan Assembly rated for 25,000 operating hours  
New High Efficiency Forward and Aft Evaporators  
Redesigned Condenser Plenum for proper positive airflow  
All new wiring harness for installed components  
Designed for Reliability and Maximum Performance  


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