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Raisbeck Engineering High Flotation Gear Doors

Available for 350, B200, 200, 100, A100, B100 and F90 models. An EPIC element for models equipped with high-flotation landing gear.  Installation by Cutter Aviation Technical Services.


  • Restored standard gear climb and cruise performance
  • Cruise speeds increased by 4-10 knots
  • Wheel wells, tires, wheels and brakes stay clean


  • Full enclose the optional high flotation landing gear
  • Aerodynamically designed for maximum drag reduction
  • Lightweight composite construction for maximum strength and durability

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Technical Services Sales

Kyle Vitzthum - Maintanance Sales Manager - Cutter Aviation

Kyle Vitzthum
Maintenance Sales Manager
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Will D Cutter - Cutter Piper Sales - Client Relationship Manager

Will D. Cutter
Maintenance Sales Manager
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Technical Services Staff

Christopher Gradisar - Cutter Aviation Addison (ADS)

Christopher Gradisar
Manager of Aircraft Services Addison, TX (ADS)
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Leo Hernandez - Cutter Aviation Phoenix (PHX)

Leo Hernandez
Manager of Aircraft Services Phoenix, AZ (PHX)
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Kirk Wood - Cutter Aviation San Antonio (SAT)

Kirk Wood
Manager of Aircraft Services San Antonio, TX (SAT)
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