Raisbeck Engineering Dual Aft Body Strakes for King Air

Available for all King Air models. An EPIC element.  Installation by Cutter Aviation Technical Services.

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  • Eliminate or raise yaw damper limits, increasing your dispatch reliability; specifically:
5,000 ft
19,000 ft
11,000 ft
18,500 ft
17,000 ft
No Limit
17,000 ft
No Limit
  • Improved directional stability and pilot control
  • Reduced drag in all flight modes
  • Improved passenger ride quality
  • Quieter cabin and cockpit
  • Increased climb and cruise performance
  • Inherently reduced minimum control airspeed


  • Wing/body vortices normally disrupt airflow under the aft fuselage, creating drag. Dual Aft Body Strakes eliminate this separation, channeling the vortices and accelerating the air — in effect, pushing the airplane through the air.

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