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Piper M600/SLS

Safety | Luxury | Support


When Piper introduced the M600, we exceeded industry expectations for performance and operational ease in a single-engine pressurized turboprop. A clean-sheet designed wing and the addition of Garmin’s G3000 avionics suite were key foundational enhancements that paved the way for product growth. Now we are using that platform to raise the bar in safety, luxury and support. Introducing the M600/SLS, setting new standards for aircraft in every category, meeting the highest standard in general aviation – yours.

The Cabin Above Class

With a sublime and beautifully appointed interior, Piper takes luxury to even greater heights with the EXP package – now standard in the M600/SLS. Customers are able to select from multiple sophisticated interior color palettes and can customize the interior design with stitching patterns and contrasting thread, as well as custom embroidery and badging. All seats are clad in hand-selected and processed leather with the possibility of selecting a solid or two-toned interior seating scheme. Veneer and trim finish further enhance the sense of unmatched refinement in a Single Engine turboprop.

Those who fly our M600/SLS will enjoy unparalleled service and peace of mind from our new Ultimate Care Program which includes five years of scheduled maintenance and five years of airframe warranty

HALO Safety System

The new HALO Safety System recalibrates the scale of safety by incorporating innovative technology that is designed to enhance situational awareness while also providing autonomous safety features that can engage automatically or manually if ever needed. Incorporated as a standard feature on all M600/SLS products, HALO includes the most significant advancement in recent general aviation history: Garmin Autoland, and was first certified the M600/SLS, continuing our commitment to protecting what’s most important, you and your passengers.

The moment you take delivery of your new M600/SLS, it starts to deliver for you. The joys of flying are engineered to excite and endure. Its progressive technology is designed to keep you connected and protected. Those who fly our M600/SLS will enjoy unparalleled service and peace of mind from our new Ultimate Care Program which includes five years of scheduled maintenance and five years of airframe warranty.


If necessary, HALO takes over the controls and guides the aircraft to the nearest runway for a precision landing. Automatically activates when autopilot is in LVL mode for two minutes or when Emergency Descent Mode is activated at 14,000 feet. Can also be engaged manually by a guarded switch on the instrument panel. GFC 700 Autopilot with Advanced AFCS Fully integrated flight control system for exceptional flight automation with a dual AHRS-based system. Seamlessly integrates a flight director, autopilot, automatic trim and yaw damper into the G3000 suite.


The M600/SLS includes a fully integrated, standalone auto throttle, which reduces the pilot workload. The single-lever autothrottle automatically adjusts the aircraft’s power settings based on the preset flight profile – from climb-out to the landing approach.

Hypoxia Recognition System with Automatic Descent Mode

Monitors pilot interaction when autopilot is engaged at cabin altitudes above 14,900 feet. If needed, the system brings the aircraft to a lower altitude to allow recovery from hypoxia.

Automatic Level Mode

Returns the aircraft to a wings-level attitude with zero vertical speed at the push of a button.


A highly detailed, georeferenced airport map that displays your aircraft’s position on the airfield. Also shows an overlaid map of hold short lines.


Syncs with SafeTaxi maps to display all ADS-B equipped aircraft and ground vehicles for increased situational awareness.
SurfaceWatch: Its clear visual and aural cues direct you to the correct runway on takeoff and approach.

Flight Stream 510

A wireless gateway that streamlines your workload by connecting preflight planning to your mobile device from the G3000 avionics system.

  • Avionics

    • Dual PFDs
    • Single MFD
    • DUAL GTC 575 Touchscreen
    • Cockpit Management Units
    • Dual GIA 64W NAV/COM/GPS
    • GEA 71 Engine and Airframe Interface
    • GFC 700 Autopilot with Enhanced AFCS
    • Level Mode (Blue Button)
    • Electronic Stability Protection
    • Underspeed Protection (USP)
    • Hypoxia Recognition System with Emergency Descent
    • Coupled Go-Around
    • Dual GMU 44 Magnetometer Units
    • Dual GRS 79 AHRS Computers
    • Garmin FliteCharts
    • Garmin SafeTaxi
    • GMA 36B Digital Audio Panel
    • Dual GDC 72 Air Data Computers
    • GTX 335R Transponder (ADS-B “Out”)
    • GWX 75 Weather Radar
    • Aspen EFD1000 Standby Flight Instruments
    • Integrated Digital Cabin Pressurization
  • Additional Equipment

    • Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI)
    • PiperAire Air Conditioning
    • Hardwired Cockpit Bose A20 Headsets
    • USB Charging Ports (Two in cockpit, four in cabin)
    • 110-volt AC Power Outlet
    • Hartzell 5-blade Composite Propeller
    • TAWS-B (Terrain Awareness and Warning System)
    • Jeppesen ChartView
    • GTX 345 Second Digital Transponder (ADS-B In and Out)
    • GTX 33D ES Diversity Digital Transponder and GTX 345 (ADS-B In and Out) with Dual Antennas (Replaces Standard GTX335)
    • GSR 56 Iridium Transceiver
    • GDL 69 SXM Satellite Radio / Weather
    • L3 WX-500 Stormscope
    • Becker RA3502 Remote ADF Receiver
    • GTS 855 Traffic Advisory System—TCAS / ACAS (Includes GTS 825)
    • BendixKing KN 63 Remote DME
    • Carpet Runners
    • Fire Detection System
    • AmSafe Seatbelts – Pilot and Copilot Positions

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How can we help you?

Contact us

How can we help you?

    Meet our Piper Southwest Team

  • See Bio

    Alexander Kuzmanovic

    Piper Regional Aircraft Sales Manager Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii
    Alexander Kuzmanovic
    Piper Regional Aircraft Sales Manager Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii

    Alexander Kuzmanovic became a Regional Aircraft Sales Manager with Cutter Aircraft Sales in 2009, previously holding the position of Manager of Aircraft Management & Charter Sales. He was also responsible for pre-owned piston and pre-owned turbine aircraft sales. With a strong background in Aviation, Alexander was previously a Regional Sales Director for Hawker Beechcraft representing Northern California & the Pacific Northwest prior to coming aboard the Cutter Aviation team.

    In 2011 Cutter Aircraft Sales expanded to Carlsbad, CA and established Cutter Piper Sales, the Piper Aircraft dealership for Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii at McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ). Alexander relocated to the new offices at that time and additionally became a Regional Sales Manager for Cutter Piper Sales. He is responsible for the sale of new & pre-owned Piper aircraft.

    A native of Chicago, IL, Alexander is a graduate of the prestigious United States Air Force Academy and holds an FAA Certified Flight Instructor License with Instrument and Multi-Engine Instructor Ratings and also holds a Commercial Glider license.

  • See Bio

    Larry Johnson

    Piper Regional Aircraft Sales Manager, Texas
    Larry Johnson
    Piper Regional Aircraft Sales Manager, Texas

    A native Texan, Larry spent countless hours looking up at the skies as aircraft and clouds passed overhead. Inspired at an early age by John Glenn, the first U.S. Astronaut to orbit the Earth, Larry became excited by the future of aviation and space travel and set in motion the steps required to fly and become an astronaut and reach his goal of flight. Joining the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) at age fourteen, Larry passionately served in the CAP through his teenage years. At the age of sixteen he was selected for a solo flight training program offered by the CAP and upon completion of that program, he won an appointment to Private Pilot training the very next year and enthusiastically completed it before graduating from High School.

    Upon graduation, Larry enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served as an electronics technician. Upon completion of his military duty, Larry entered the private sector as an electronic equipment technician and later became a salesperson for home security systems for a major company in Houston, TX. In this role, he found the opportunity to sell professionally to be enjoyable one and it would influence his career from then on as he developed a passion for professional sales. After several years of success and professional training in security system sales, Larry made the move to combine his two passions, selling and flying, as part of a new direction in his career.

    Seeking an opportunity to sell within the aviation industry, Larry appealed to aircraft companies in the Houston area in the late 1970’s, getting his start in 1977 when hired by Houston Piper. Larry found solid success selling new Piper Aircraft in his “niche” for the company and also sold for Montgomery County Piper in Conroe, TX over the next five years. When the “Oil Bust” of the early 1980’s brought the U.S. Economy to a low-point in 1982, Larry found an opportunity within the turmoil as an independent consultant for banks and finance companies, applying his specialized expertise in aviation and aircraft sales to work out distressed aircraft loans for clients. The unique opportunity afforded Larry the ability to significantly broaden his aviation knowledge base to cover aircraft ranging from small private aircraft up to large corporate jets.

    In 1996 Larry was recruited by Cutter Aviation to join the aircraft sales team in Texas for both new and pre-owned aircraft. Becoming the Piper Aircraft Regional Sales Manager for Texas Piper in the Northern part of Texas that year, he relocated to Dallas, TX and continues in that position today. Larry is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area at Cutter Aviation Dallas-Addison (ADS).

    Larry is approaching 9,000 hours of total flight time that encompasses a wide range of flight conditions and a sizable variety of aircraft. Larry is the father of four children and is a proud grandfather of five wonderful grandchildren. He now lives in the North Dallas suburb of McKinney, TX, very close to Cutter Aviation’s Service, Sales and Charter facility at Addison Municipal Airport (ADS) and the growing population of current and potential pilots, individual entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses that are beginning to embrace the benefits of General Aviation.