Cutter Aviation Aircraft Sales Facility Locations
A General Aviation Network Across the Southwestern United States

Cutter Aviation Dallas Addison - ADS - Menu Item

Cutter Aviation Dallas-Addison (ADS)

Located at Addison Municipal Airport in Addison, Texas in the North Dallas corridor, Cutter Aviation ADS is an Aircraft Service & Avionics, New & Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales facility including Piper, PIlatus, and Air Charter & Management.

Cutter Aviation Denver, CO - APA

Cutter Aviation Denver (APA)

Located at Centenial Airport in Denver, Colorado, Cutter Aviation APA is an Authorized Pilatus Sales & Service Center.

Cutter Aviation Carlsbad - CRQ - Menu Item

Cutter Aviation Carlsbad (CRQ)

Located at McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California, Cutter Aviation CRQ is a New & Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales facility including Piper and Pilatus.

Cutter Aviation Phoenix Sky Harbor - PHX - Menu Item

Cutter Aviation Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX)

Located at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, Cutter Aviation PHX is a full-service facility with Fuel, Line & Guest Services, Aircraft Service & Avionics, Aircraft Sales for Piper and Pilatus Aircraft and Air Charter & Management.

Cutter Aviation San Antonio - SAT - Menu Item

Cutter Aviation San Antonio (SAT)

Located at the San Antonio International Airport in San Antonio, Texas, Cutter Aviation SAT is an aircraft maintenance service and aircraft sales facility.  New Aircraft sales by Piper and Pilatus are offered here.

Aircraft Acquisition with Cutter Aircraft Sales
Our Experienced Team Can Put You Into the Aircraft of Your Dreams

Without the right knowledge and tools, embarking on the journey of buying your dream aircraft can be just as challenging as selling an aircraft… and the experts at Cutter Aircraft Sales realize this.  The Cutter Aircraft Sales team can assist in every step of the process and be your partner through it all.  From finding the exact aircraft that meets your needs and budget, through initial inspections, evaluations and flight tests of specific aircraft, to assisting with negotiation, financing, registration and eventual delivery to you, Cutter is with you all the way.  The team at Cutter Aircraft Sales makes sure the Aircraft Acquisition process flies above any turbulence and is as smooth as possible.

In addition, with the Cutter Aviation portfolio of services including on-site aircraft technical service staff technicians and inspectors on your side to aid in finding all the necessary information pertaining to any existing airworthiness issues, advisory circulars, or technical bulletins on a particular airframe, engine, propeller, etc., you can be fully aware of any potential items requiring further attention.  Our experienced team of aircraft and avionics technicians can also work with you to upgrade your investment to give you the best value and return on your aircraft investment.

Don’t let your fears of a potentially daunting process of purchasing a new aircraft get in your way.  With the right people and resources like those at Cutter Aircraft Sales, your purchase can be an enjoyable and easy process and a true milestone in your aviation life.  Call Cutter Aircraft Sales today about aircraft acquisition assistance and let us help you reach for the sky!

Cutter Aviation
Aircraft Sales

2802 East Old Tower Road
Phoenix, AZ 85034-6000

602.267.4082 phone
602.273.6919 fax

General Email

Aircraft Sales Staff

Will Cutter - Cutter Aircraft Sales - Regional Manager, Management & Sales

Will Cutter
President & CEO
[Email] [Info]

Annie Moreno - Aircraft Sales Coordinator

Annie Moreno
Sales Coordinator
[Email] [Info]

Monica Lucas - Cutter Aircraft Sales - Pilatus Business Manager

Monica Lucas
Pilatus Business Manager
[Email] [Info]

Aircraft Sales Team

Alexander Kuzmanovic - Regional Sales Manager

Alexander Kuzmanovic
Regional Sales Manager
[Email] [Info]

Andy Wilson - Cutter Aircraft Sales - Pilatus Regional Sales Manager

Andy Wilson
Regional Sales Manager
[Email] [Info]

Joshua Kovac - Cutter Aircraft Sales - Pilatus Regional Sales Manager

Josh Kovac
Regional Sales Manager
[Email] [Info]

Larry Johnson - Regional Sales Manager

Larry Johnson
Regional Sales Manager
[Email] [Info]