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HondaJet: Light Jet
Air Charter Executive Jet Comfort and Speed

The HondaJet HA-420 is the newest light sized jet for both business trips and personal users to the market. This new and reliable aircraft is great for regional and interstate travel. With a roomy cabin and adjustable seating, along with class leading quietness and storage due to the unique over the wing engine mount this aircraft is perfect for travelers seeking comfort and hassle free trips.

Cabin Wi-Fi Connectivity

Implements a wireless network system to provide in-flight broadband Internet service and voice communications within the Continental United States and portions os Alaska andCanada Trhotugh Gogo® BBusiness Aviation’s Gogo Biz®. Additionally, this option provides Gogo Text & Talk allowing the use of personal smart phones to mae and receive calls and text messages. 

HondaJet Wi-Fi Connectivity

Enhanced Cabin Management System

Includes two touchscreen controls for cabin lights, temperature and cabin window shades in addition to aircraft flight information. Additionally, wireless capability enables a mobile device to duplicate the functionality of the touchscreen controllers.

HondaJet Specifications
Aircraft Type: Light Jet
Passengers: Five (5)
Cabin Width: 5 feet
Cabin Height: 4.8 feet
Cabin Length: 17.8 feet
Cruise Speed: 420 kts
Cruising Altitude: 43,000 feet
Max. Range: 1,400 sm.
Baggage: 66 cubic feet
Lavatory: Yes, Enclosed

Please note: these are approximations and that all speed/ranges are affected by weather, passenger count, runway length, and prevailing winds. Cutter Aviation’s Passenger Count listed above is based on maximum number of available passenger seats within the cabin — fewer passengers may increase comfort and range in some cases.

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