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Piper Seminole - Cutter Piper Sales

Piper Seminole - PA-44-180 - Four-Place Multi-Engine Piston Flight Training Aircraft - Cutter Piper Sales - New Aircraft Sales for Southern California and Hawaii - Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Burbank, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara

The Piper Seminole Multi-Engine Trainer

The number one thing that flight schools demand from an advanced trainer is consistency and proven reliability. The Piper Seminole has proven itself in over 20 years of service and hundreds of thousands of hours in flight school environments around the world. Students admire the airplane for its ability to teach advanced flight training maneuvers and procedures. Instructors appreciate the Piper Seminole’s ability to teach these lessons in a safe and forgiving manner. Flight school owners appreciate the Piper Seminole’s ability to keep students and instructors happy while increasing operating revenue.

A proven ability to teach while making money – – that’s the Piper Seminole. A decision to place one or several Piper Seminoles on your flight line is a decision backed by years of service, support, and reliability. The Piper Seminole is established as one of the best advanced multi-engine trainers available today.

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Piper Seminole Specifications

Flight schools are all about safe, reliable operations with the ability to make a profit. The Piper Seminole is the lowest cost multi-engine advanced trainer today. And beyond the purchase price, the Piper Seminole will deliver profits to your bottom line with proven technology, avionics, and powerplants.

As you read the specifications below and equip your airplane to go to work, do so with the comfort of knowing that you are making a wise and proven choice.

SPECIFICATIONS - Piper Seminole Piper PA-44-180
Cruise Speed, 75% Power: 162 kts (300 km/h)
Range with 45 Minute Reserve 700 nm (1,426 km)
Standard Useful Load 1,191 lbs (540 kg)
Number of Seats Four (4)
Maximum Approved Altitude 15,000 ft (4,572 m)

(2) Lycoming
L/O-360-A1H6, 180 hp each.

Wing Span 38.6 ft (11.8 m)
Length 27.6 ft (8.4 m)
Height 8.5 ft (2.6 m)
Fuel Capacity 110 US ga; (416.4 liters)