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Daher-Socata TBM 850 Aircraft Overview - Cutter TBM 850 Sales

The TBM 900 with a cruise speed of 320 KTAS at FL260 (in ISA conditions) gives owners and pilots the advantages of the cruising speeds typical of light jets, but with the economical direct operating costs of a single-engine turboprop.

The TBM 900:

  • Carries six adults
  • Has a quiet, air-conditioned, luxury large cabin
  • Climbs to 31,000 ft in as little as 20 minutes
  • Flies over 1,400 nm with NBAA IFR reserves
  • Can slip into a 2,100 ft strip or a mountain runway.


The TBM 900 airframe design employs several fail-safe structural design techniques, including the use of multiple load paths and a crack-stopper band to maximize sub-system reliability/durability and structural life. The TBM 900 aircraft is essentially identical to that of the TBM 700 C2 model.

The TBM 900 airframe designers carefully chose a variety of aluminum alloys, high strength steel (including titanium) as well as advanced composite materials to maximize structural strength and durability while minimizing aircraft weight and both acquisition and life-cycle support costs. The majority of the TBM 900 structure is manufactured from conventional aluminum alloys. The exceptionally strong wing spars, flap tracks and windshield frames are machined from solid bars of aluminum

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