Why Choose Cutter Aviation to Manage Your Aircraft
We Are Your Trusted Partner to Save You Time and Money

Experience counts in Aircraft Management.  You require a staff of professionals that are not just familiar with aircraft operation, but additionally have the infrastructure and historic performance to assure your aircraft investment is managed properly and in an effective manner.  Cutter Aviation has been under continual family ownership and operation since 1928, and is one of the country’s oldest aviation service companies. Cutter Aviation has seven dedicated facilities for line & fuel, maintenance service, avionics, aircraft sales & acquisition and flight management across the Southwestern United States.  We are dedicated to unsurpassed excellence in personal service and a steadfast commitment that “communication breakdowns” never occur — Cutter Aviation offers impeccable attention to every detail of your aircraft.

Our professionals will have your aircraft ready when you need it. All you need to do is arrive at the airport and walk up to your aircraft. Catering, ground transportation, and other services will all be pre-arranged and ready for you. You will develop a personal relationship with your Captain & First Officer. In addition, you will have a senior manager to serve as your direct contact to serve all your needs.

Detailed Services

Your aircraft will be under the supervision of professionals who are experts in aircraft operation, maintenance, and administration which include the following:

  • Professional Management: The following services are provided:
    • 24/7 Flight Scheduling
    • Full Service Travel Agency on site.
  • Full time Director of Operations for Regulatory Management.
    • Ensures all flights are operated to the highest safety standards.
    • Oversight of entire operations unit including flight crews, schedulers and chief pilot.
  • Full time Chief Pilot for Flight Crew Management.
    • Maintains flight crew training records.
    • Ensures crew qualifications.
    • Oversees the company training program and works with training vendors such as Flight Safety International to provide the best possible training available.
  • Full time Director of Maintenance for Maintenance Management.
    • Tracking of all scheduled maintenance.
    • Scheduling of all maintenance.
    • Oversight of all maintenance performed for quality and cost control.
    • Works with manufacturer for all warranty considerations.
    • Logbooks and other record keeping
  • Administration
    • Full-service accounting and documentation services
    • Detailed, easy-to-read monthly statements covering all aspects of aircraft operation
    • Monthly revenue & utilization report with consolidated financial account & billing
    • Management audit of all goods, services and invoices
    • Tax collection and remittance associated with revenue-producing flights
  • Pilot Services
    • Salary for pilot
    • Benefits, and other employee burdens
    • Initial and Annual re-current “Company Training”
  • Aircraft Fleet Insurance Program
    • Cutter Aviation offers Managed or Leaseback aircraft owners the option of utilizing the Cutter Fleet Insurance Policy. This often allows for greater coverage at reduced rates.
  • Discounts
    • All managed aircraft will be entitled to fuel & maintenance discounts at all Cutter locations where such services are available: Albuquerque, Phoenix Deer Valley, Phoenix Sky Harbor & Colorado Springs. Negotiated pricing on parts, avionic upgrades, paint, and interior refurbishing are available. FlightSafety training is also at a significantly reduced rate. In addition, discounts on car rental, hotel, and catering expenses will be provided.

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