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Since 1928 Cutter Air Charter / Cutter Flight Management has upheld the highest standards of security and safety on each and every flight we operate. Cutter Flight Management is an FAA certified Part 135 Charter Aircraft Operator. FAR 135 is among the most stringent regulations governing general aviation and is very similar to the requirements for FAR 121 which regulates commercial airline operations. Cutter Flight Management holds FAA Air Carrier Certificate EKGA571D.

In order to ensure the safety and proficiency of its pilots, Cutter Flight Management uses a combination of simulator-based, aircraft-based, and ground-based initial and recurrent training. This comprehensive program ensures that the exacting standards of Cutter Flight Management and the Federal Aviation Administration are met and maintained.

Pilot & Crew Training

Our pilots train annually in the finest, full-visual/motion (Level III) simulators and aircraft at FlightSafety in Wichita, KS.  Everything from minor and major systems malfunctions, on-board fires, cabin decompression and emergency landing procedures are trained, practiced, and checked in the simulators.  In the unlikely event of an actual emergency, Cutter Flight Management customers can rest assured that their pilots and flight crew have been fully trained for all contingencies and have the experience to handle any situation with the highest level of confidence and professionalism.

CharterX / Wyvern PASS Ready Operator

The CharterX / Wyvern Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) is designed to check and verify crucial safety information concerning the operator, aircraft and crew for a given trip. For example, the PASS “pilot check” verifies that the assigned pilot is fully certificated, properly type-rated, has met flight time requirements and has current medical and training records.

Cutter Flight Management Inc. is a PASS Ready operator and can provide you with trip-specific documentation to confirm you are booking a safe and compliant flight each time.  Click on the PASS button on the right side of this page to verify.

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Perry Breinstein - Cutter Flight Management - Director of Operations

Perry Breitenstein
Director of Operations
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Jon Lassak - Cutter Flight Management - Chief Pilot

Jon Lassak
Chief Pilot
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Michael Pintor - Cutter Flight Management - Flight Department Manager

Michael Pintor
Charter Operations Manager
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