Michelle Hoover
Regional Aircraft Sales Manager
HondaJet Southwest

P: 760-579-0821
M: 415-613-9283
F: 760-579-0821
E: michelle@hondajetsouthwest.com

HondaJet Southwest
Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada, Hawaii

McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ)
2056 Palomar Airport Road
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Michelle Hoover - Cutter Aviation

Michelle Hoover is the HondaJet Regional Sales Manager for Southern California, Southern Nevada (Clark County), and Hawaii.  Michelle brings to her role at Cutter Aviation and HondaJet Southwest, her keen knowledge of sales and experience in the jet and turboprop market segment. She is responsible for prospecting and growing new aircraft sales for the portfolio of jet aircraft.

Prior to embarking on her career in the aviation industry, she built a highly successful career in the luxury wine industry. Mrs. Hoover held escalating sales and sales management positions at some of the world’s most renowned and elite wine companies in the world. She gained valuable experience managing the sales of premier and cult wine brands in the highly competitive Northern California market and quickly rose to the top of her field. Michelle is a Level II Certified Sommelier and speaks fluent French.

A native of the Northern California Bay Area, Hoover is a graduate of Boston University and holds a Bachelor of Science from the College of Communication with a focus in Advertising and Sales. Since an early age, she has had a genuine passion for aviation that stems from her curiosity and fascination with airplanes and flying. Michelle possesses a thorough love for sales and the art and privilege of developing dedicated, dependable and long lasting relationships with customers.