Kevin Fenske
Manager of Aircraft Services – APA

O: 303-799-9999

M: 920-342-8729

F: 303-799-4539


Cutter Aviation Denver
Centenial Airport (APA)

12180 E. Control Tower Rd.

Englewood, CO 80112

Kevin Fenske - Cutter Aviation Denver (APA)

Kevin Fenske is the Manager of Aircraft Service at Cutter Aviation Denver. Kevin found his passion for aviation at a very young age. As a boy, he could be found watching the airplanes flying over his childhood home, playing with toy planes and building aircraft models.

When he was 15, he got his very first job in aviation, washing airplanes at a small, local airport. After high school, Kevin attended Blackhawk Technical College and received his A&P Certification while working at Wisconsin Aviation, where he stayed for a total of 25 years with different positions, such as lineman for five years, then as an A&P Mechanic, Lead Technician, Inspector, and finally Aircraft Maintenance Manager of the same facility that he washed his first plane.

Kevin has always been dedicated to learning and furthering his knowledge, experience and expertise. In 2001, he and his wife decided to relocate to Northern Wisconsin to gain more experience with the TBM 700, a plane that he had yet to work on. Kevin worked as a Maintenance Manager for Rice Lake Air Center in Cameron, WI, for 3 years. He threw himself into learning everything he could about the TBM world.
In 2004, Kevin decided to move back to Watertown. He returned to his aviation family at Wisconsin Aviation. He brought with him the vast knowledge he had learned about the TBM and with it, more business for the company. Over the next 11 years, Kevin helped the company grow by facilitating training for his team, increasing shop productivity by 40%, and building strong relationships with customers and vendors.

In 2016, Kevin and his family moved to Colorado and again, he stepped out of his comfort zone and was excited to take a job where he could learn about Pilatus aircraft. He quickly moved up from Lead Tech to Customer Service Manager to Maintenance Manager. He helped grow the company in a very short amount of time and developed strong relationships with his team, his customers and the Pilatus Network.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and five kids. Learning to golf, and prepping for annual Elk hunts.