Bryant Elliott
Regional Aircraft Sales Manager, Texas Piper (South)

P: 210-485-1255
M: 817-528-4949
F: 210-340-8804

Texas Piper Sales – North
Cutter Aviation San Antonio (SAT)
367 Sandau Road
San Antonio, TX 78216-3620

Bryant Elliott - Cutter Aviation

Bryant Elliott grew up in north Texas and graduated from Carroll High School in Southlake. After graduation he enrolled in the Professional Pilot program at Oklahoma State University, where he graduated with his Commercial Multi and CFII. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, he went on to graduate with his Master’s in Aviation Management from OSU. While completing his course work to earn his Master’s, he also taught flight lessons and accumulated over 1000 flight hours.

Shortly after graduation, Bryant was hired on as the Delivery Specialist for Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach, FL. It didn’t take long for his hard work and professionalism to be recognized. He was quickly promoted to Supervisor and then Manager of the Aircraft Order and Delivery Department. During his four year tenure with Piper, he developed an intricate understanding of the entire Piper line, including the manufacturing and assembly of all Piper models.

In 2014, Bryant was recruited by Cutter Aviation to join the sales team in Texas. He has since relocated to San Antonio to become the Piper Aircraft Southern Regional Sales Manager for Texas Piper.

Bryant is married and has a brand new baby girl. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves fishing, hunting, and flying. With over 1500 flight hours, most of which in Piper aircraft, he is an accomplished pilot and is exceedingly familiar with the entire Piper line. He possesses both the technical background and flight experience to help you navigate your purchase of a new Piper aircraft.