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Flight Training Unique to the HondaJet

We offer pilots an industry-leading, in-depth instructional flight-training program specific to HondaJet. We also offer pilots a continued training program that keeps them current on innovations as well as the basics of the HondaJet. All this is provided by FlightSafety® International, Honda Aircraft’s trusted flight-training partner.

Pilot training — Initial

  • Ground school
  • Graphics Flight Simulator (GFS) and HondaJet Level D Flight Simulator

Pilot recurrent training

  • HondaJet Level D Flight Simulator

Maintenance Technician Training for the HondaJet

The Honda Aircraft Company offers comprehensive maintenance training for the new HondaJet, provided by FlightSafety® International.

General Maintenance

  • Meeting FAA and EASA (B1 and B2) requirements

Supplemental engine and avionics systems training is available by the system Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and FlightSafety® International.

FlightSafety International

HondaJet Southwest - FlightSafety Training

As the world’s leading aviation training company, FlightSafety works diligently to maintain and enhance its reputation for customer service and the industry’s best, most comprehensive safety training. FlightSafety delivers more than a million hours of professional instruction each year, training more pilots than any other company and always to the highest standards.

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Shelbey Hooker - Client Relationship Manager, HondaJet

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