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Confort - HondaJet Southwest


At home, miles above it.

It’s called cabin space, and HondaJet provides more of it than any other jet in its class. But to you and your fellow passengers, it’s much more than a cabin. It’s a workspace, thinking space, quiet space, and a relaxing space. These are the true inspirations behind the HondaJet’s interior and why Honda designers meticulously considered every detail — from the completely adjustable executive seating to the fully private lavatory and a host of other modern amenities.

Cabin Comfort

Executive seating for four in a classic club configuration, plus optional side-facing fifth seat.

Cargo Space

The Over-The-Wing Engine Mount gives you more externally accessible cargo space — total 66 cubic feet — in the nose and aft.

Quiet Interior

The Over-The-Wing Engine Mount design displaces noise emissions away from the cabin and offers a much quieter ride.

Best-in-class Legroom

Four multi-axis seats that slide, shift, and lock without the restraint of a track — with optional single side-facing fifth seat.

Lavatory Standard

Fully private aft lavatory with flushing toilet is standard with solid-surface vanity and optional elegant, cobalt-blue washbasin.

Mobile Device-Controlled Cabin*

Use your mobile device to control the HondaJet cabin’s audio, lighting, temperature, and electrochromatic window shades.

*Future option

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