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Iggy Burkhardt – HondaJet Southwest

Iggy Burkhardt
Regional Aircraft Sales Manager
HondaJet Southwest

P: 469-518-5766
M: 972-974-0717
F: 469-518-5780

HondaJet Southwest
New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma

Cutter Aviation Dallas Addison (ADS)
4500 Claire Chennault Drive
Addison, TX 75001

Iggy Burkhardt - Cutter Aviation

Iggy Burkhardt is the HondaJet Regional Sales Manager for New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. He brings more than 15 years of aircraft sales experience in both piston and turbine aircraft to the team.

Born in Alexandria, VA, Iggy started taking flying lessons in 1987 at a small skydiving drop zone in Heartwood, VA. He continued flying in college and ultimately earned his multi-engine, commercial, instrument and helicopter ratings. He started his sales career as a Regional Sales Manager for DaimlerChrylser Motors Corporation in their Boston Zone Office. Flying a jump plane on the weekends, he looked for a way to combine his passion for flying and selling. In 2003 after responding to a job posting in Automotive News for an aircraft salesman, Iggy found himself moving to Addison, TX as the new Regional Sales Director for Cirrus Aircraft covering Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. He quickly rose to the top ranks of the sales team, selling as many as 43 new aircraft in a single year. His next challenge came in 2011 when he was offered a job with Eclipse Aerospace selling the Eclipse Jet across eight states in the southwest.

In 2018, another opportunity presented itself to join the Cutter team representing the HondaJet for Texas and Oklahoma. Iggy is an FAA-Certified Commercial Pilot with Multi-engine, Instrument and helicopter ratings. He enjoys outdoor activities including boating, golfing and scuba diving.

Honda Power of Dreams - HondaJet Southwest HondaJet Southwest Cutter Aviation

HondaJet Southwest
2802 East Old Tower Road
Phoenix, AZ 85034-6000

888.288.8370 toll-free
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602.275.9749 fax

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HondaJet Southwest
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Will Cutter - Cutter Aircraft Sales - Regional Manager, Management & Sales

Will Cutter
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Michelle Hoover - Regional Sales Manager

Michelle Hoover
Regional Sales Manager
Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada, Hawaii
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Iggy Burkhardt - Regional Sales Manager

Iggy Burkhardt
Regional Sales Manager
Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma
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Shelbey Hooker - Client Relationship Manager, HondaJet

Shelbey Hooker
Client Relationship Manager
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Annie Moreno - Aircraft Sales Coordinator

Annie Moreno
Sales Coordinator
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