The Piper Meridian Garmin G950 Retrofit STC Package
Modernize Your Meridian Panel & Flight Deck with the Garmin G950 by Cutter Aviation

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Piper Meridian Garmin G950 Upgrade by Cutter AviationCutter Aviation is proud to now offer the revolutionary new Garmin G950 Integrated Glass Flight Deck Retrofit package for the Piper PA-46 Meridian. The G950 will allow you to bring the latest Garmin avionics technology and enhanced capabilities to your existing Piper Meridian.  The result is a fully integrated flight deck and avionics solution that can take advantage of the latest navigation, approach, weather, and communications technologies available and adaptability to new technology as it emerges.  It is the equivalent of having the capabilities of the newest aircraft rolling off the factory floor for only a fraction of the cost!

In partnership with Garmin, Cutter Aviation Avionics in Phoenix, AZ developed the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and custom fabrication and installation of the G950 upgrade solution specifically for older model (pre-2009) Piper Meridians with the outdated Meggitt Magic or Avidyne Entrgra avionics packages.  For Piper Meridian owners who have been waiting for a fully integrated, all-glass avionics solution to bring a completely new level of situational awareness, simplicity and safety to the cockpit in addition to long-term expandability and value to their aircraft, the wait is finally over with the Garmin G950 retrofit package offered by Cutter Aviation.

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Cutter Aviation Avionics at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is currently accepting installation positions for the Garmin G950 upgrade for the Piper Meridian starting after the STC completion date in early October 2012.  For more information, pricing details, or to reserve an installation position, please fill out the form at the right and our Cutter Aviation Avionics team will contact you right away to develop a proposal for your aircraft & needs.

Garmin G950 Package Overview

Bringing true “glass cockpit” capabilities to your aircraft, the Garmin G950 by Cutter Aviation is a retrofit breakthrough.  Now, you can upgrade your avionics panel with the Garmin G950 suite and start reaping the benefits of enhanced situational awareness, safety, and pilot workload reduction in your older model Piper Meridian. The standard three-display G950 setup is fully integrated and interfaced with your existing S-TEC IntelliFlight / Meggitt 1500 autopilot, with one or two ample 12-inch primary flight displays (PFDs) and a central 12-inch multi-function display (MFD) with the result being a modern, clean and seamless flight deck display that exceeds the capabilities of the Garmin G1000 system that is currently delivering on new model Piper Meridians.

Finally, a Fully-Integrated Glass Upgrade for the Piper Meridian!

Up until now, owners of older model Piper Meridians had few options for upgrading their flight deck to more modern standards. Meggitt-equipped Piper Meridians could install the Garmin G600 PFD/MFD retrofit, but that option lacked total aircraft integration, so the engine and systems still needed their own instrumentation and displays on the panel, thus creating a very cluttered panel.  Avidyne-equipped Piper Meridians had really no option for retrofit packages as the G600 could not be used as it did not integrate the engine and systems as part of its interface. The only option was to wait for an upgrade directly from Avidyne… which has not gone beyond the concept stage for nearly two years.  As a result, owners of pre-2009 Piper Meridian models seemed to be stuck… UNTIL NOW.

Cutter Aviation understood the avionics upgrade issues with older model Piper Meridians very well. As experienced dealers for Piper Aircraft in Texas and Southern California as well as Authorized Service Centers and Repair Stations knowledgeable in the Piper PA-46 line, Cutter Aviation knew the problems with upgrading the avionics of these highly capable high-performance turboprops and sought to remedy the situation.  Working directly with the engineers at Garmin, Cutter Aviation’s experienced avionics team in Phoenix, Arizona developed a fully-integrated solution for upgrading both Meggitt and Avidyne Piper Meridians that would result in an avionics suite that met or exceeded that which is found on the new Piper Meridians with the Garmin G1000.  The solution was the Garmin G950 Retrofit STC Package for the Piper Meridian.

The G950 puts a wealth of flight-critical data like you have never experienced before at your fingertips. The glass panel flight deck presents flight instrumentation, navigation, weather, terrain, traffic and engine data on large-format, high-resolution Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and Multifunction Flight Displays (MFD).  Unlike the 10-inch PFD and 12-inch MFD installations traditionally seen in retrofit upgrades of other aircraft using the G1000, the Garmin G950 for the Piper Meridian standard installation includes one or two generous and vibrant 12-inch PFD displays in the pilot and co-pilot positions and one center positioned 12-inch MFD display.  The final result is breathtaking – an extremely clean, modern appearance with a logical and nearly seamless display of flight information from left to right.

But the result of the G950 retrofit package for the Piper Meridian isn’t just for looks; it’s for the long-term capabilities and life of your Meridian in the evolving navigational landscape taking shape around the world. Behind the breathtaking displays is the latest technology that Garmin is known for.  As the leader in OEM and retrofit avionics solutions for the General and Business Aviation industry, Garmin has engineered their components to adapt and grow to meet the current advancements in WAAS/GPS navigation for all phases of flight, ADS-B integration, and in-flight data & communication. And like many of the Garmin flight deck upgrades, the G950 meets the software assurance levels required for FAR Part 23 Class 3 aircraft.

The “whole cockpit upgrade” nature of the G950 retrofit eliminates the cost and hassle of servicing older, mismatched OEM avionics packages with limited or non-existent aftermarket support and virtually no capabilities for expansion. By upgrading to the G950 package, your Meridian has capabilities that meet and even exceed those of new aircraft being delivered today with the reliability, simplicity, and support of Garmin behind it.  All things considered, a G950 retrofit package gives your Piper Meridian a longer operational life, greater value and a far more rewarding flying and ownership experience for you over the long run… an investment that will pay dividends for every hour logged!

G950 vs. G1000: What is the Difference?

A common question from our customers is, “What is the difference between the G950 and the G1000?” and the answer is simple. Every technological advancement available in the G1000 is featured in the G950 package. In fact, the G950 actually has more to offer with the three 12-inch displays providing a full seven square inches more display space than found on the standard Garmin G1000 flight deck in brand new Piper Meridian aircraft.

The only other difference is that the G950 fully integrates and incorporates your existing S-TEC IntelliFlight / Meggitt 1500 autopilot system into the package. This gives you the comfort of using an integrated, full-feature autopilot system you already know with your new G950 flight deck and saving the expense of purchasing a new autopilot system while retaining full functionality and integration into your EFIS. The G950 provides all data to the S-TEC IntelliFlight / Meggitt 1500 to navigate, including the ability to maintain airspeed references and optimize performance over the entire Piper Meridian airspeed envelope.

Piper Meridian Garmin G950 Retrofit Package Details

The Garmin G950 Retrofit STC is available in two installation packages: a two-display package (one PFD for left-hand pilot side & one central MFD) and a three-display package (one PFD for pilot side, one PFD for co-pilot side, and one central MFD).  Please see the installation equipment breakdown of each package at the linked pages below:

Piper Meridian Garmin G950 Package Photo Gallery

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