Cutter Aviation Aircraft Management
Providing the Best Options to Best Utilize Your Aircraft Investment

Cutter Aviation realizes your aircraft is an important and valuable asset. We eliminate the many responsibilities and day-to-day worries associated with aircraft ownership. Have your aircraft based either at a Cutter Aviation facility or at a location more convenient for you. All aspects of aircraft operations are managed on your behalf from pilot hiring & crew management, flight training, aircraft maintenance, insurance, hangar and scheduling. We also have an air travel concierge to arrange all your travel needs. Cutter Aviation becomes your personal flight department, and we take the worry out of aircraft ownership and afford you a peace of mind.

Cutter’s Aircraft Management Services are focused on completely meeting your needs and your flight schedule. We will work closely with you to understand your individual requirements and develop an all-inclusive management plan for your aircraft. Since Cutter Aviation’s founding in 1928, our customer care and service is second to none.

As a Managed Aircraft Owner, you may choose to fly your aircraft exclusively or you may choose to increase the utilization of your asset by allowing Cutter to charter your aircraft when not on owner flights. Your aircraft, flown by its designated crew, will carry the discerning clients who choose Cutter Flight Management for their air charter needs. The result is that your plane will always be available whenever you need it, but will also be creating a revenue stream to offset the fixed costs of ownership.

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